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・Ohashi Y., Yatabe M., Niijima D.,Imamura A.,Nagayama Y.,Otsuka K., Yachi Y., Ueno H., Yano T., Mori N., Higai K., Yokoyama A. Importance of Compliance with Guidelines for the Prevention of Varicella-Zoster Virus Reactivation in Multiple Myeloma. in vivo. 35:(6):3289-3296: 2021.

・Zhang B., Liu D., Ji E., Otsuki K., Higai K., Zhao F., Li W., Koike K., Qiu F. Sacraoxides A-G, Bioactive Cembranoids from Gum Resin of Boswellia sacra. Front Chem. 9:649287: 2021. 

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